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Chillson's Bar

"I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of my new bar. It's so unique and absolutely gorgeous. When I show it off to friends and family, they all literally gasp when they get their first glimpse of it. Derek Wendt is truly a visionary when it comes to his craft and I put all of my trust into him on this job. My only two requirements were a live-edge bar and the budget...and he didn't disappoint. The craftsmanship on the stonework, firing of the custom bar top, custom-made light fixture, refrigerator skin and LED lighting is something that can only be learned over years of experience, but his pride in workmanship comes to him naturally. You may think you know what you want, but I highly recommend that you give Derek a chance to at least describe to you the unique vision he has for your job. My only regret is that we didn't have him do the entire basement." —Tom Chillson

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